HusCompagniet to construct 44 semi-detached housing units and one communal house in new residential area in Helsinge

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HusCompagniet has entered a turnkey contract with property developer Bærebo for land preparation and construction of 44 semi-detached housing units comprising 40 apartments and four terraced houses as well as one communal house for ‘Birketrolden’, a new residential area in Helsinge.

All housing units will be built in two storeys to ensure a uniform look, and construction will be based on wood elements, facades, and roof cassettes from HusCompagniet’s factory in Esbjerg, which allows for immediate project start-up with expected handover mid-2025. The turnkey contract is expected to generate total revenue of approx. DKK 50 million over the construction period and recognized evenly across 2024 and 2025.

”We experience increasing interest and demand for our semi-detached housing and the combination of terraced houses and low-rise apartment buildings when projecting new residential areas. This enables us to market various housing sizes, and our semi-detached housing competences combined with 50-year experience from the construction of single-family detached houses provide a solid foundation for continuously being an innovative partner on such projects,” says Martin Ravn-Nielsen, Group CEO of HusCompagniet.

The project does not affect HusCompagniet’s 2024 outlook, which is unchanged with revenue expected at DKK 2,300-2,600 million, EBITDA of DKK 80-130 million, and EBIT of DKK 30-80 million.

For additional information, please contact:

Allan Auning-Hansen, Group CFO, +45 30 10 25 00

About HusCompagniet

HusCompagniet is a leading provider of single-family detached houses in Denmark and builds semi-detached houses for private consumers and professional investors. The activities in the semi-detached segment are supported by HusCompagniet Production offering prefabricated wood-framed houses. HusCompagniet also has a presence in Sweden where the Group produces prefabricated wood-framed detached houses through its VårgårdaHus brand.

The Group operates an asset-light and flexible delivery model with on-site building, primarily on customer-owned land. The construction process is outsourced to subcontractors, enabling a flexible cost base.

HusCompagniet has showrooms and showhouses in Denmark and Sweden supplemented by digital sales through the online platform “HusOnline”. HusCompagniet currently has around 400 employees dedicated to maintaining the Group’s industry-leading customer satisfaction level and co-creating the homes of tomorrow – today.