HusCompagniet to construct 94 housing units in new residential area in Skævinge

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HusCompagniet cooperates with Hillerød Municipality and property developers Jesper Vissing and Jeppe Schønfeld for the development of a new residential area in Skævinge comprised of 49 rental units and 45 owner-occupied housing units.

The project includes a turn-key contract with developers Jesper Vissing and Jeppe Schønfeld for the development and construction of Dyremosegård Park consisting of the 49 semi-detached houses on a land plot purchased from Hillerød Municipality by HusCompagniet. Subject to issuance of relevant permits, construction work under this contract is scheduled to commence end 2024 with expected handover of the first phase in late 2025 and the second phase during 2026. The contract for the 49 semi-detached houses is expected to generate total revenue of DKK 110-120 million over the construction period with the majority being recognized in 2025.

HusCompagniet and developers Jesper Vissing and Jeppe Schønfeld have previously collaborated on the development of residential area Dyremosegård Have in Skævinge. In addition to the construction of the rental units in the new Dyremosegård Park area, HusCompagniet will construct and sell 45 semi-detached units to private consumers, thus drawing on the group’s combined B2C and B2B expertise in the project.

”We want to be the preferred collaboration partner for private consumers dreaming of a new house and professional investors alike. Our professional business stands out in the market by focusing on semi-detached housing and drawing on our 50-year experience from the construction of single-family detached houses. This combination gives us the best foundation for delivering optimised and innovative solutions to private and professional collaboration partners,” says Martin Ravn-Nielsen, Group CEO of HusCompagniet.

The project does not affect HusCompagniet’s 2024 outlook, which is unchanged with revenue expected at DKK 2,300-2,600 million, EBITDA of DKK 80-130 million, and EBIT of DKK 30-80 million.

For additional information, please contact:

Allan Auning-Hansen, Group CFO, +45 30 10 25 00

About HusCompagniet

HusCompagniet is a leading provider of single-family detached houses in Denmark and builds semi-detached houses for private consumers and professional investors. The activities in the semi-detached segment are supported by HusCompagniet Production offering prefabricated wood-framed houses. HusCompagniet also has a presence in Sweden where the Group produces prefabricated wood-framed detached houses through its VårgårdaHus brand.

The Group operates an asset-light and flexible delivery model with on-site building, primarily on customer-owned land. The construction process is outsourced to subcontractors, enabling a flexible cost base.

HusCompagniet has showrooms and showhouses in Denmark and Sweden supplemented by digital sales through the online platform “HusOnline”. HusCompagniet currently has around 400 employees dedicated to maintaining the Group’s industry-leading customer satisfaction level and co-creating the homes of tomorrow – today.