HusCompagniet enters a new large semi-detached collaboration with NREP

HusCompagniet takes another important step in the company's ambitions to grow in the semi-detached market with entering a new collaboration with the real estate company NREP. This is a large framework agreement for up to 370 semi-detached in Tingbjerg in northwestern Copenhagen. The collaboration, which extends until 2024, is particularly aimed at boosting the development of Tingbjerg and contributing to improving the district.

Two of the largest players in the Nordic region within real estate development and house construction, NREP and HusCompagniet, have entered into a framework agreement for the construction of up to 370 semi-detached in Tingbjerg. Previously, the construction company Danhaus was chosen as the supplier for the project, but after HusCompagniet's acquisition of Danhaus' factory in Esbjerg, a new agreement between HusCompagniet and NREP has now fallen into place.

“I am very pleased with the agreement, which is in line with our strategy for our growing semi-detached segment. The project corresponds well with our expertise, namely large-scale production of houses with emphasis on more sustainable materials and quality construction, and I am looking forward to working with this in the coming years in collaboration with NREP," says Martin Ravn-Nielsen, CEO of HusCompagniet.

Semi-detached with sustainability certification

The project includes approx. 35,000 floor meters distributed over 370 semi-detached houses on two levels and will consist of both owner-occupied and rental housing. These semi-detached houses are with sustainability certification as they will be certified at the gold level according to the DGNB standard. The agreement is supported by HusCompagniet's newly acquired factory in Esbjerg where the wooden frames for the semi-detached will be constructed.

The project is part of a large urban development in Tingbjerg, where several actors cooperate in contributing to a revitalisation of the district.

“The project will give Tingbjerg district a significant boost, and an important part is to offer new and sustainable housing at attractive prices. Therefore, we are pleased to continue this track in collaboration with HusCompagniet, which is among the leaders in house construction. New semi-detached will attract new residents and give existing residents new opportunities. It will create a mixed town in Tingbjerg, and in combination with several soft initiatives, it is our ambition that it will make the area flourish,” says Jens Kramer Mikkelsen, Director of urban development at NREP.

In November 2021, the parties began their first collaboration with building 23 sustainable protected houses for elderly residents in connection with the nursing home Helene Mariehjemmet in the large urban development project Troldebakkerne in Helsinge.

 “I am looking forward to expanding the already good collaboration we have developed with NREP to build more sustainable semi-detached housing. We have an excellent experience with DGNB certification from our first joint project, and the sustainable element will be further strengthened by manufacturing building components at our newly acquired factory”, says Søren Ravn, B2B Director at HusCompagniet.

Eight test houses have already been built and occupancy has taken place.

Facts about the collaboration:

  • The construction will not lead to the demolition of old homes, but will take place on new land
  • The wooden frames for the semi-detached are produced at HusCompagniet's newly acquired factory in Esbjerg, which is one of the most automated factories in the Nordic region and a leader in the manufacturing of prefabricated wooden frames for houses
  • The project has previously been at Danhaus, where eight test houses have been built and residents have moved in
  • HusCompagniet began its first collaboration with NREP in November 2021 with the agreement to build 23 sustainable protected houses for elderly residents in connection with the nursing home Helene Mariehjemmet in the large urban development project Troldebakkerne in Helsinge.

For additional information, please contact:

Cristina Rønde Hefting, Head of IR & Press, HusCompagniet                                  

+45 51 96 23 14 or che@huscompagniet.dk

Anders Rosendahl, press contact NREP

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