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New long-term share-based incentive programme

Regulatory information

Company announcement 19/2022

The Board of Directors of HusCompagniet ("HusCompagniet" or the "Company”) has today implemented a new long-term incentive programme (the "LTIP").

The LTIP is designed and structured around the concept of retaining members of the Executive Management and other eligible employees while also creating an incentive for a positive share price development for the benefit of the Company’s shareholders.

The LTIP grants comprise restricted share units (“RSUs”) which entitle the participant, subject to vesting occurring, to be allocated a number of shares in the Company, equivalent to the number of vested RSUs.

The RSUs will vest during a three year vesting period. Vesting is not conditional upon achieving any financial or non-financial targets, but is, however, conditional upon (i) the participant remaining employed with the Group throughout a continued period of three (3) years from the date of grant or the participant becoming a good leaver during the vesting period in which case only a proportionate portion of RSUs shall vest, and (ii) the participant having complied in all respects with the general terms and conditions as determined by the Board of Directors.

The Group CEO and Group CFO will be granted RSUs, the value of which, at the time of grant, corresponds to 30% of their annual fixed salary in accordance with HusCompagniet's Remuneration Policy of 5 November 2020. The Remuneration Policy is available on the Company’s website. 

Based on the current number of participants in the LTIP, the programme will comprise 74,866 shares in total, including 10,733 RSUs to CEO Martin Ravn-Nielsen and 8,720 RSU’s to CFO Mads Dehlsen Winther. Based on the closing share price on 8 April 2022 for HusCompagniet shares trading on the Nasdaq Copenhagen stock exchange, the theoretical value is DKK 111.80 per RSU, corresponding to a total theoretical value of DKK 8,370,019 for the 2022 LTIP based on the current participants and their receipt of RSU grants.

For additional information, please contact:


Cristina Rønde Hefting, Head of IR & Press                                                               +45 51 96 23 14

Information on HusCompagniet

HusCompagniet is a leading provider of single-family detached houses in Denmark. The company also builds semi-detached houses to both private consumers and professional investors and has a presence in Sweden where it produces prefabricated wood-framed detached houses through its VårgårdaHus brand.

The Group operates an asset-light and flexible delivery model with on-site building, primarily on customer-owned land. The construction is outsourced to subcontractors, allowing for a flexible cost base. In 2021, HusCompagniet generated revenue of approximately DKK 4.3 billion.

HusCompagniet delivered 1,831 houses in 2021, of which 1,441 were detached houses in Denmark, corresponding to a market share of approximately 24% of the Danish detached-house new-build market segment. HusCompagniet has 16 offices with showrooms in Denmark and Sweden and more than 60 show houses and offers digital sales through the online platform “HusOnline”. HusCompagniet currently has more than 400 employees.