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HusCompagniet adjusts full-year financial guidance for 2023

Regulatory information
Company announcement 9/2023

HusCompagniet adjusts full-year 2023 outlook issued on 9 March 2023 and increases EBITDA before special items, due to enhanced visibility. We now expect an EBITDA before special items of DKK100-130 million.

Adjusted outlook for 2023:

  • Revenue is expected to be DKK 2,250-2,500 million (previously DKK 2,200-2,500)
  • EBITDA before special items is expected to be DKK 100-130 million (previously DKK 75-125)
  • EBIT is expected to be DKK 50-75 million (previously DKK 25-75)

EBIT guidance adjustment includes special items effect of DKK 5-10 million from reorganisation.

DKKm Updated 4 May 2023 Initial Outlook 9 March 2023
Revenue 2,250-2,500 2,200-2,500
EBITDA before special items 100-130 75-125
EBIT 50-75 25-75

Assumptions for the 2023 outlook

The 2023 guidance is based on no severe disruption of supply chains emerging, on raw material prices not significantly exceeding current levels and that the market will slowly pick-up during 2023.

Current expectations for 2023 deliveries are between 950 and 1,100 houses (previously 900 and 1,100 houses)  

Revenue from the semi-detached segment is assumed to be between DKK 350-450 million (unchanged).

Special items between DKK 5-10 million related to reorganisation in all segments and management changes in Sweden (unchanged).

Dividends are suspended in 2023 leading to no distribution to shareholders in 2023. HusCompagniet expects to resume dividend payments once the leverage is back at appropriate levels.

For additional information, please contact:

Jesper Høybye, Group CFO

Sofie Heerup Friis, Head of IR                                                            +45 30 99 54 00

About HusCompagniet

HusCompagniet is a leading provider of single-family detached houses in Denmark. The company also builds semi-detached houses to both private consumers and professional investors and has a presence in Sweden where it produces prefabricated wood-framed detached houses through its VårgårdaHus brand.

The Group operates an asset-light and flexible delivery model with on-site building, primarily on customer-owned land. The construction is outsourced to subcontractors, allowing for a flexible cost base. In 2022, HusCompagniet generated revenue of approximately DKK 4.3 billion.

HusCompagniet delivered 2,003 houses in 2022, of which 1,427 were detached houses in Denmark, corresponding to a market share of approximately 20-25% of the Danish detached-house new-build market segment. HusCompagniet has 9 offices with showrooms in Denmark and Sweden and more than 60 show houses and offers digital sales through the online platform “HusOnline”. HusCompagniet currently has more than 400 employees.